Chapter Working Groups

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (2023-2024)Brady Watson (Chair), Don Jones, (Vice-Chair), Sabrina Noble (Treasurer), Barbara Hickey (Secretary).

LABOR COMMITTEE / GROWTH COMMITTEE – Until recently; our Labor and Growth committee working groups have been active, meeting monthly, and ably chaired by our founding Knoxville DSA member Travis Donoho. Travis has needed to step away from leadership for personal reasons. Please contact the Executive Committee if you have suggestions or leadership recommendations.

ELECTORAL POLITICS–  We decide on DSA political policy such as endorsing candidates for office, and we favor socialist candidates while making room for non-socialist candidates who endorse essential policies like Medicare For All and Green New Deal. We also coordinate with other state chapters and national orgs to promote Democratic Socialist platforms. We communicate mainly via our Slack channel, and intermittently via Zoom at agreed-upon dates/times.

HEALTH JUSTICE / PERSONS WITH DISABLITIES  Works primarily toward Medicare for All, as well as other health-related issues. Most of our work recently has been coalition based. Monthly meetings, TBD. Co-Chairs:  Nicole Anderson and Nathan Frank.

ECO SOCIALISM Everything related to environmental health, climate change, Green New Deal, and education/public awareness on these things. Meetings are1st Monday of each month Chair: Brady Watson.

COMMUNITY DEFENSE Rapid response for planned actions and other emerging needs. Meetings as required.

POLITICAL EDUCATION (Little Red Schoolhouse) Orientation to Socialism, continuing education on all socialist topics. Chair: Barbara Hickey


COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEEHandles everything related to communications and media. Including social media, our newsletter “The Scruffy Socialist”, hybrid monthly membership meetings, notices and emails to members. Chair: Bill Pierce.

“The Scruffy Socialist” – Knoxville Area DSA newsletter. Editor: Thomas Anderson.